Character references can be provided to the court at sentencing hearings. They can tell the Presiding Magistrate or Presiding Judge that despite you being convicted of the current offence, that you are still considered to be of good character

This can be useful in assisting the Magistrate or Judge with what penalty should be imposed at your sentencing hearing.
They are also particularly useful if you are applying for a spent conviction.

You should aim to get about 3-5 references from various people who know you well, and who know about the charge(s) you are in court for. 

Who can issue a search warrant?

A warrant can be issued by a judicial officer, such as a Justice of the Peace, Magistrate, or Judge.

When can the police carry out a search?

The police can search you, your property, or your vehicle if:
•    They have a valid search warrant (they do not require your consent); 
•    They have your consent to carry out the search; or
•    They are otherwise permitted to by law (see below).

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